I had my right heart cath follow up appointment FINALLY. I am extremely happy to report that my doctors initial fear that the disease is progressing – is WRONG! Unfortunately my right heart is still severely enlarged but it hasn’t gotten worse. My pulmonary pressures are an average of 48. They were 78 when I was diagnosed last year. That is great! (Normal pressures should be below 24 I believe). I will not be starting any new treatment, thank God. There are 3 classes of medications for PH patients and I am on a class 1 and class 2. Class 3 are much more scary medications. I was terrified that they were going to put me on a class 3, but I am in the clear 🙂 I can’t even describe how happy I am!! I also walked 595 meters during my 6 minute walk test. Best in the clinic, or so they tell me. I decided to get super serious about my walk test and I brought tennis shoes and my earbuds so I could jam out to Shakira and it helped! I am so thankful for all thoughts and prayers from everyone.

The next best news – as most of you know, I will leaving my position as property manager and will be taking on a much less stressful position at my company. I have been patiently waiting (sort of…lol) for my boss (also one of my bffs) to find my replacement. I know, I know, how can anyone replace ME? hahaha. #irreplaceable. Alas, they succeeded and officially hired a new Danielle and she starts on Tuesday! I am so freaking excited!! I am so blessed to work for such an awesome company that basically created a job to fit my needs. This has been the best week EVER.