I am a total introvert. For anyone to call me otherwise, they must not really know me. When I start to notice myself doing the following things, that’s when I know that I’ve extended my stay in the land of extroverts. 

1/ When you begin to question why this person / people are all up in your space. Like, GET OUT. If you didn’t know you had a bubble, you are fully aware of it now. Adios bae. Or whatever the cool kids are saying these days. 

2/ The bathroom is your only refuge. You find yourself asking “God, if I stay in here long enough, will all of the people go away?”

3/ You begin to just stay silent because you can no longer speak without extreme effort

4/ Constantly checking your phone for an emergency. You would never wish an emergency on anyone but if one had to happen, please Lord, let it happen now. Help me escape this forced conversation.

5/ The final sign: all you can think about is WINE. Give me a bottle and silence for the next 2 days so I can recover from this torture!