I am not one to speak on politics or bash anyone’s opinions/posts/comments. However it’s been weighing on my heart to say something.

This presidential election has brought out the worst in so many people that I know. To post things like “go tell your LGBT, black, Hispanic, and women friends that you don’t care about them” infuriates me. Who are you to tell anyone who they do and do not care about? I have several gay friends and family members whom I love deeply. And guess what? They voted for Trump. My best friend is African American. And guess what? She knows I love her and care for her more than life itself. She voted for Hilary. And guess what? WE ARE STILL FRIENDS. We have discussed our views in a friendly way. And we agree to disagree. End of story. I would never judge or bully someone else because of their political preferences. 

We live in a nation where we have the right to vote and elect a president – as a nation. We are the UNITED States of America. While I do understand people being upset because their candidate did not win, it does not, in any way, give anyone a reason to ridicule someone else because their views are different. Imagine if we all had the exact same opinions. How boring would life be? Its like any relationship. Arguing is inevitable and necessary AND healthy. However hostile, violent, and condescending behavior is detrimental. And in most cases, does the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. 

We live in a wonderful nation that allows us the right to have differing views. We also live in a nation that has lost its way. And the behavior that I’ve seen in the past two days is doing the exact opposite of what Hilary supports were preaching – unity, love all, and to rebuild our nation. 

I hope that everyone can take a moment to look around them and see how blessed they are to live in a free country. 

We have elected a president and he will be our president. He will be my president. And he will be YOUR president. 

An LGBT loving, minority loving, Republican woman